We do Business Analytics for Better Decision Making

Unlocking and realizing the full potential of your data & information assets by integrating multiple sources of information into actionable insights

The way companies transform their data/info assets into real intelligence will represent the most powerful source of competitive advantage.


  • Nowadays Companies Have 1000X More Data Than 10yrs Ago
  • Data providers deliver the information on multiple Self-Service platforms, leaving the analysis/integration to the client
  • Only 4% of Marketers Consider They Have the Right Talent and Time to Do It
  • As a result, 2/3 of Business Decisions Continue to Be Made Based Upon Instinct or Gut-feeling

Compass LA helps companies to unlock and realize the full potential of their data/information assets

We integrate and standardize all the sources of information the client has available, creating synergy between them.


We analyze what happened and why, and what will happen in the future, Using Advanced Descriptive and Predictive Analytics Models

We Prescribe courses of action for business improvement, based upon these powerful inputs and the Industry knowledge and category expertise of our consultants

Delivering Business Analytics World-Class Solutions

Descriptive Business Intelligence

To Accurately diagnosing what happened and why in 4 clicks requires information to be harmonized, integrated and visualized though the most powerful BI Tools such as Tableau or MS Power BI based upon One single information repository with all your multi-source, multi-market, and multi-category data points.

Predictive Modeling & Analytics

Knowing the future behavior of the main business variables (Sales, Price & Promo, etc.) allows us to anticipate better planning initiatives, using past and present data points to understand and predict their future behavior through Modelling and Analytics techniques, Machine Learning algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

Prescriptive Consulting

The added value is in Translating a business problem into an analytical requirement, and then Connecting the analytical output with the business process of the Client. By leveraging all the knowledge and category expertise of our consultants, We provide actionable recommendations to optimize and improve your business.

A Unique Working Model of Talent On Demand

  • Our people are highly trained and well-experienced using all sources of information, analytics tools, and market research techniques
  • Our expertise allows us to connect plug&play with your business maximizing the ROI
  • We have created a unique model of “talent on demand” that you can that you can adjust to the needs of your business.

Grow with Us

We are a team of multi-disciplinary FMCG experts with 20+ years in the marketing, research & analytics, and sales arena.
We are a lean, agile and fast-responding startup dedicated to helping clients with the transformation of data/information into valuable analytic inputs to make better business decisions.
We are present in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and the US, from where we provide our services to North, Central and South América.

We are hiring the best professionals to be part of our team of highly talented consultants.
If you are a passionate professional willing to dazzle your clients within an agile and flexible learning environment, then write to us!


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